The “Queen of Sciences”

As the language of the natural sciences, mathematics is considered to be abstract, and yet it permeates many areas of everyday life. Basic research provides the foundation for numerous applications in medicine, technology, and economics. Research fields for mathematicians therefore range from very abstract topics such as algebra, topology, and representation theory to the encryption of messages on the internet, the calculation of satellite trajectories, the simulation of chemical and physical processes, the planning and evaluation of clinical trials in medicine, and the development of new strategies for financial markets. The Faculty of Mathematics offers a broad spectrum of research topics from basic research to applied mathematics, with the opportunity to investigate most of the issues mentioned above.

Fields of Research

Prof. Dr. Alberto Abbondandolo

Prof. Dr. Nicolai Bissantz
Statistics (mathematical and applied, in particular statistical problems in inverse problem theory, image reconstruction and application in science/IT/life sciences)

Prof. Dr. Barney Bramham
Symplectic Geometry an Hamiltonian Systems

Prof. Dr. Herold Dehling
Probability Theory and its Applications

Prof. Dr. Holger Dette
Mathematical Statistics

Prof. Dr. Peter Eichelsbacher
Stochastics and Didactics

Prof. i.R. Dr. Hubert Flenner
Algebra and Geometry

Prof. Dr. Peter Heinzner
Transformation Groups

Prof. Dr. Patrick Henning

Prof. i.R. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Alan T. Huckleberry
Complex Analysis

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Knieper
Differential Geometry and Dynamical Systems

Prof. Dr. Christof Külske
Mathematical Physics

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Deniz Kuş
Algebra, Representation Theory, Algebraic Combinatorics, Quantum Groups

Prof. Dr. Gerd Laures
Algebraic Topology

Prof. Dr. Johannes Lederer
Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Science

Prof. Dr. Markus Reineke
Algebra, in particular representation theory and algebraic geometry

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Röhrle
Algebra: Lie Theory, Algebraic Groups, Representation Theory, Hyperplane Arrangements

Prof. Dr. Katrin Rolka
Beliefs; Bilingual Learning and Teaching, Conceptual Change, Student Conceptions, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods

Prof. i.R. Dr. Hans. U. Simon
Theoretical Computer Science: Efficient Algorithms, Complexity Theory, Combinatorial Optimization, Machine Learning, Cryptography

Prof. Dr. Christian Stump
Algebraic Combinatorics: reflection groups / root systems / hyperplane arrangements / noncrossing discrete structures

Prof. Dr. Christoph Thäle
Spatial stochastics: stochastic geometry and geometric probability / point processes / limit theorems for spatial random structures

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Verfürth
Numerical Mathematics: Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Markus Weimar
Numerical Analysis / (Nonlinear) Approximation Theory / Regularity Theory for Operator Equations / Function Spaces / Wavelets / High-dimensional Problems

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Maite Wilke Berenguer

Prof. Dr. Jörg Winkelmann
Complex Geometry

Prof. Dr. Kai Zehmisch
Symplectic Geometry, Contact Topology, Holomorphic Curves, Reeb Dynamics, Fillings, Polyfolds

Research Collaborations